Monday, 20 May 2024


The Bad Guys: Cut to the Chase

By Aaron Blabey A mysterious doorway! (Sure, it’s in a restaurant that serves poop, but that doesn’t make it any less mysterious. Ok?) Behold! What lies beyond?! An evil centipede? An alternate universe? A few decent explanation? Veeeing! Ning! Ning! Hey! was that a chainsaw?! Let’s see if you can …

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Written by Morris Gleitzman It’s fifteen years since readers were first introduced to Felix in Once and, across six celebrated books, our brave young hero has survived many unforgettable and emotional journeys. This year sees the publication of the seventh and final part of Felix’s story, bringing to a powerful …

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Wolf Girl 6: Animal Train

Written by Anh Do. Illustrated by Lachlan Creagh. When Gwen and her dogs jump on a train bound for the mountains, the last thing they expect is to land in the middle of a zoo full of fierce and deadly animals! In a fight between soldiers armed with menacing drones …

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Pig the monster

By Aaron Blabey Pig is the world’s greediest pug, and on Halloween he is completely out of control, thinking up nasty tricks to play on people who do not give him the treats he thinks he deserves and never sharing with Trevor the sausage dog–until too much chocolate makes him …

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