Saturday, 13 April 2024


splash2Search and use free digital education resources

ABC Splash brings you high-quality digital educational content from across the ABC and around the world.

This website offers a new, world-class education experience for Australian students, and is packed with thousands of videos, audio clips, games and interactive tools. All resources are free to watch and play at home and in school and guaranteed to spark discussion and promote curiosity.

There are special areas for parents and teachers featuring thought-provoking articles and blog posts,teaching resources and up-to-date education news.

Awesome adventures in your classroom and your family room

See volcanoes erupt and microbats fly. Investigate fossils, megafires and worm farms. Meet fairytale monsters. Unwrap an Ancient Egyptian mummy and explore the Great Barrier Reef without getting wet!

You can find curated digibooks and Topics A-Z with stimulating resources for school projects and homework.

You’ll be able to make and mash up your own resource selections in the cloud, save your favourites and upload your own videos, songs and pictures.

Watch, listen, play and make

The ABC has teamed up with Education Services Australia to link thousands of new learning resources directly to the Australian Curriculum. To date, we offer resources in the areas of Science, English, Mathematics, History, Geography, The Arts and STEM. Look out for cutting-edge games, virtual worlds and immersive digital experiences.