Saturday, 13 April 2024

Driver Education Program

Are you craving the freedom of the open road? Ready to get your Victoria Learner’s Permit or Driver Licence?

The path to success can be rough without some help, but we’ve put together a tried and true path to get you through your Learner’s Test and behind the wheel! Our FREE practice tests are based on the official 2019 VIC Road to Solo Driving Handbook and have questions just like those on your actual test. You’ll have hints and explanations to help you through questions on road safety, traffic regulations, road signs and rules, and fines and limits, all of which you’ll see on your exam. You can also use your personal Challenge Bank to keep working on questions you need to study up on a little bit more. First, click on our tab that contains the official Driver’s Handbooks, and some other helpful information to study, and then use our practice tests to prep. Finally, use our Test Simulator in exam mode to practice what it will be like to take the real thing. Victoria has tons of wonderful sights to see from getting up close and personal with a koala at the Healesville Sanctuary, hitting the slopes at Falls Creek, to taking in the views of the city from the Melbourne Star. Your learner licence will open all new opportunities to explore and enjoy the wonders of the area, so study hard. Good luck!