Friday, 19 August 2022


bookfishAimed at young readers, Bookfish works by matching your personal preferences to what others say about the books. You can do this several ways…

  • set the sliders to the kind of book you feel like reading, and the best matches will swim to the surface;
  • click on a book to see more and tell us how you feel about it;
  • switch between how librarians feel about the books and how other readers (like you) feel;
  • in the ‘Filter’ tab, type the title of a book you like, and other books you might also like will swim to the surface;
  • turn off some of the sliders and explore using a just few;
  • save a list of favourites and email it to your friends.

‘Popularity’ shows books that other Bookfishers have ‘liked’ and is updated daily. Why not ‘like’ some books too?