Monday, 26 February 2024


Knowing what young people SEE, SAY and DO online underpins the ThinkUKnow program.

The feedback we’ve received from parents, carers and teachers tells us you want to know more about the specifics of what children are doing online and which apps they are using. What young people see, say and do online changes constantly!

Like anything in life, children and young people will make mistakes using technology.

By understanding how young people use the internet and the challenges they might face, parents, carers and teachers can provide them with strategies to overcome these in a safe and ethical way and build resilience.This will also give you more confidence in speaking to your children about their use of technology.

Children and young people learn through technology even when they aren’t at school. They are learning how to interact with others, set boundaries, establish norms and express themselves.

It is crucial that we give children the tools to develop digital literacy skills so they can assess the value and accuracy of content online.

Website: ThinkUKnow