Saturday, 3 June 2023

Shiver the Whole Night Through by Darragh Mc Mannus

Shiver the Whole Night Through is an Irish book by Darragh Mc Mannus. It is set in a small Irish town and begins with the main character, Aiden Flood standing on the edge of a bridge, deciding whether or not to jump. He is driven to this point of desperation after months and months of relentless bullying. After a passer-by talks to him he decides not to jump and goes home. The next morning he finds out that a beautiful local girl, Slaine, has committed suicide by going into the forest at night in the middle of winter. As Aiden tries to absorb the tragedy he notices something in the forest, etched in ice, “I didn’t kill myself”.

Shiver the Whole Night Through is a fantasy cross murder mystery cross romance. The story has very deep meanings and is written amazingly well. The dialogue runs extremely smoothly but it can sometimes be hard to know which character is talking.

I don’t often enjoy fantasy books but I liked how this book put the magic and mystery in a more realistic way. I have really enjoyed this book and I hope Darragh Mc Mannus continues to write books like this one.

Oliver. Age TBA.